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Skylight Installation, Repairs & Other Services in Melbourne

Expert Skylights is one of the leading skylight installation and repair service providers in Melbourne. We’re also an authorised distributor of Woodroffe skylight products and Amboss access ladders.


Our experienced professionals can install and repair a variety of natural lighting solutions, including:


  • Standard square and rectangular skylights

  • Tubular skylights

  • Control-A-Light skylights

  • Roof windows (including fixed, opening and electrically operated models)

  • Roof ventilators (Whirly Birds)

  • Roof access hatches

  • Attic ladders

  • Repairs to all skylights – broken domes replaced, shafts replaced & minor roof repairs


We proudly service all areas of Melbourne, completing skylight installations and repairs in the CBD as well as within northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs. No job is too big or too small, and all work comes with a total customer satisfaction guarantee so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. 

Natural lighting solutions for your home or office

Natural light pouring through a window is always going to be more appealing than artificial light. It can lift a bad mood, strengthen your immune system, and can even improve concentration. It also looks and feels better too, providing warmth and bright illumination.


Expert Skylights offers affordable and effective natural lighting solutions for homes, schools and businesses citywide. Our services enable you to enjoy the above mentioned benefits of natural light as well as reduce your energy bills and your impact on the environment.


We are committed to providing the highest standards of products and services with every job that we complete. If you’re interested in finding out more about our products and services, or you’d like to book an installation, you can call us on 0407 816 578 or contact us online to arrange for a free quote.    

Standard Skylights

Award winning design and construction. A durable Opal Acrylic dome with galvanised metal base ensuring weather-proof protection. Expert's Control-a-lite features energy efficient control louvres with a choice of electric or manual operation, enabling you easy control over the flow of natural light to suit your mood or seasonal variations. Expert's Skylight range includes also the single or double dome Skylights.

Roof Windows

An Expert Roof Window is suitable for any area of your home that requires, not only natural light but also controllable ventilation. Create that open natural fresh feeling when you install an Expert Roof Window. The Roof Window can be used as a feature in your home, or simply used to add that extra natural light.

An Expert Roof Window will allow you to bring the outside natural beauty indoors ... as well as adding value to your home.

An Expert Roof Window is manufactured from the highest quality material, using the latest computer technology combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Attic Ladders

Forget about those shaky stepladders. Create safe and easy access above your ceiling with Attic Access Ladders. Utilise your above ceiling space as convenient storage area for all types of odds and ends too good to throw out, seasonal sporting equipment, prams and pushers, clothing, etc. It is also perfect for providing access to service air-conditioning plants in factories and office buildings and access to roof areas.