Illume Skylights by Kimberley


Expert Skylights is proud to be a licensed stockist and installer of Illume Skylights by Kimberley. As the first shaftless skylight system for the home, you can enjoy natural skylight-style illumination in any type of room, even if there’s no direct access to the roof.


If you reside in a double storey home and want the ground floor to have the ambience that a skylight can provide, contact us today. We can install and repair Illume lighting systems throughout the city and suburbs of Melbourne.


How do Illume Skylights work?


Illume Skylights by Kimberley provide rooms that don’t have direct connection to the roof with the feel of skylight illumination. They work through transforming the energy of the sun into light, which then automatically adjusts to suit the natural conditions of the room. There are different models to suit different rooms or areas of the home, from kitchens and walk in robes right through to pantries and everything in between.


Whether you have a tiled or metal deck roof, anyone can enjoy the benefits of Illume Skylights – no light shaft required! The skylight will realistically brighten and dim with the natural rise and setting of the sun.


Why choose Illume Skylights by Kimberley?


There are many reasons why you should install an Illume skylight system in your home.


  • They don’t require battery power

  • They don’t need mains power to work

  • Illume skylights are able to work without a light shaft

  • They’re easy to install

  • The skylights don’t transfer heat or noise

  • They work anywhere – including in multi-storey homes and other buildings



If you’d like further information on these systems, or would like to book an installation or repair, give Expert Skylights a call today on 0407 816 578. Alternatively, you can contact us online.